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As tattoo rise in popularity, so too does laser tattoo removal. What may have seemed like a good idea at the time may now be an embarassment. Fortunately, over the last decade, laser technology has advanced greatly and has made laser tattoo removal a viable option for almost anyone.

laser tattoo removal los angeles before picturelaser tattoo removal los angeles after pictureFinding the correct technology goes hand in hand with finding an experienced, knowledgeable laser tattoo removal practitioner. The most commonly used laser type for tattoo removal is “Q-Switched lasers”. These lasers are designed to use high-powered laser energy in bursts that are only billionths of a second long. This combination of high energy and short bursts allows the laser to fragment the ink particles in the tattoo. Q-Switched lasers use different types of light so that they can be used to treat different skin types and colors.

At Celibre, we have two types of Q-switched lasers and these are safe for all skin types and colors. Equally important, we have deep experience with tattoo removal so that we can choose the correct settings to ensure the quick and proper laser removal of your tattoo.

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