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Bikini shaving bumps (razor bumps) is a very common problem for women. When growing in, coarse, curly pubic hair can often curl before it exits the skin causing the hair to “burrow” into the upper layer of skin, causing a razor bump

The only permanent treatment for bikini razor bumps is laser hair removal. Removing bikini hair permanently with laser hair removal makes shaving unnecessary thereby eliminating razor bumps. Contrary to waxing, laser hair removal is generally more comfortable, only needed every six weeks, is a better financial and time investment in the long run, and is better tolerated by the skin. Laser hair removal to the bikini area is one of the most common treatments we perform at Celibre Medical.

When doing your laser hair removal research, make certain you find a laser practitioner that has the right technology for your skin type and is trained in this service.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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