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Many consumers are aware that Botox Cosmetic treats the “eleven’s” (referring to the two vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows), but most aren’t quite sure how Botox works on other areas of the face.

Botox Cosmetic is derived from a purified protein from the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. This FDA-approved purified protein is formulated in a laboratory setting and should not be confused with the toxin botulism. Because Botox Cosmetic works by blocking the neurotransmitter (the chemical in our bodies that sends messages to muscles) acetylcholine, it inhibits muscle contraction temporarily. By relaxing specific muscle groups, the lines, wrinkles, and folds respond naturally by softening if not completely resolving.

Frown Lines

The most common Botox injection site is the FDA-approved area called the Glabella between the eyes. This area involves small muscles that are responsible for frown lines. Although Botox Cosmetic is not currently FDA-approved for other facial areas, it is considered a common, acceptable standard to perform Botox injections to other areas of the face. For example, Botox Cosmetic is routinely used to relax the forehead muscles to soften the horizontal lines and wrinkles and around the eyes to soften “crow’s feet”.

Los Angeles Botox injections before picture Los Angeles Botox injections after picture

Botox Injections for frown lines around the mouth

More Botox Injections before and after photos

The Chemical Brow Lift (droopy/heavy eyelids)

What is a brow lift using Botox Cosmetic? This refers to a natural lifting of the eyebrow by relaxing very specific muscle groups in the forehead. The muscles that tend to pull down and inward are the glabella areas (between the eyebrows) as well as the strong muscle that encircles the eyes (orbicularis occuli). By relaxing these areas, a beautiful, natural lifting of the brow occurs which “opens” the upper part of the face and presents a more refreshed, younger appearance. At Celibre, we utilize a technique referred to as a “lateral brow lift.” This involves a small injection of Botox at the outer edge of each eyebrow. By targeting this area specifically, most will see a subtle but noticeable lifting of the upper lid and eyebrows. A natural arching of the eyebrows compliments the outcome.

Eye Rejuvenation with Botox Cosmetic (crow’s feet)

Using Botox injections around the eyes provides a dramatic effect by softening the strong muscle that encircles the eyes. This muscle (orbicularis occuli) tends to contract down which results in those pesky fine lines around the sides and bottom portion of the eyes often referred to as “crow’s feet.” By utilizing the lateral brow lift as discussed above, the results are a softening or resolving of the lines as well as a lifting of the upper lid and brow. This produces a natural more youthful look because it resembles your facial expressions and appearance before the aging process became noticeable.

Botox Cosmetic for the Nose (bunny lines)

Wrinkling of sides of the nose is often referred to as “bunny lines.” There is a small muscle (nasal radix) that contributes to this. Although the term “bunny lines” sounds cute…most women prefer not to have this wrinkling effect when smiling or animating. Botox injections relax this area as well as soften and resolve the horizontal line across the bridge of the nose.

Mouth Rejuvenation using Botox Cosmetic (smoker’s lines)

Many consumers as well as practitioners do not realize the benefits of Botox around the mouth. As we age, the space between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip begins to flatten and lengthen. Thinning of the upper lip becomes more pronounced and vertical lines in this area appear (“smoker’s lines”). These lines are the result of a downward contraction of this strong mouth muscle (orbicularis oris) that produces a purse string-like effect. By using a very small amount of Botox Cosmetic to this area, it’s possible to soften/resolve these fine lines and provide a gentle rolling out or eversion of the upper lip. Using fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane to the body of the mouth (pink part) or the vermillion border (outer shape of the mouth) with or without the Botox creates a smoother more natural and younger looking effect. Keep in mind that a youthful mouth does not necessarily mean large, unnatural, pouty lips. What looks attractive on a twenty-something does not look appealing on a forty-something man or woman.

What is a Mouth Frown and How is it Resolved?

A “mouth frown” refers to downward pointing outer corners of the mouth. Using fillers (ex: Restylane, Juvederm) to resolve this issue may not offer much improvement or may lead to pouches of filler product. A good understanding of facial anatomy and assessment skills will aid the injector in determining if the DAO muscle (depressor angular oris) muscle is hyperactive and leading to this downward turn of the mouth. By using a small amount of Botox Cosmetic in this area, it is possible to have the corners of the mouth lifted and restored to the correct location. (see before and after pictures below for this technique).

The “pebble chin”.

A pebble chin is a commonly occurring facial formation that looks like a dimpled chin. Because of the facial musculature in this area the skin looks mottled and uneven. The mentalis muscle of the chin takes on a dimpled or orange peel texture because it is hyperactive (or constantly flexed). By using Botox injections, it is possible to soften this area and resolve the uneven textural changes.

At Celibre, our nursing staff participates in seminars, workshops, round tables, and we have an extensive library of reference materials. Not only are we practitioners passionate about the artistry of injectables, we are also the ones receiving and testing out our own treatments. A good injector understands that a face that does not animate is not appealing or natural. The goal is to relax and enhance the face while maintaining expression…freedom of expression.

To learn more about Celibre Injections, please visit celibre.com/wrinkles.


Lori Haney


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