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los angeles spider vein removal before and after pictureslos angeles spider vein removal before and after picturesUnfortunately, the answer is yes, spider veins may return after treatment. We let our patients know before moving forward with laser treatments for spider veins that there is no cure for the condition, and that there is no guarantee that new spider veins won’t develop in new areas or the same area at a different time.

Vascular conditions tend to be very stubborn and the goal of laser spider vein removal is to keep the spider veins from being too visible, rather than eliminating all of them forever. Although laser treatments my be able to get rid of spider veins that are visible, new ones can always develop in the future. Laser treatments are not a cure for vein circulation (and genetic) issues. Because there is no cure for spider veins, we treat the ones we can see and close off, but patients may need to come back in the future to get rid of new ones. This is the reality of treating spider veins.

The laser can only treat what it can see – thus, laser treatments are not meant to be a cure for spider veins. Our patients are satisfied with treating spider veins as they arise in order because they understand that more treatments may be required in the future.

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