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In one word … realistic. The goal of any cosmetic treatment should be improvement. Consumers and patients must remember that there are no guarantees with medical treatments – including those that are cosmetic or aesthetic in nature. Unfortunately, the most common skin conditions are not curable – hence, they are common as evidenced by those that struggle with a chronic condition such as acne or melasma. If there were a cure for our cosmetic concerns, most of us would spare no expense in getting the remedy – especially those conditions that carry a significant emotional toll.

Los Angeles laser stretch mark removal before photoLos Angeles laser stretch mark removal after photoTake the case below of stretch marks treatment. Lasers cannot completely remove stretch marks, but they can improve them a lot. This case is an excellent example of how laser treatments can help and having realistic expectations heading into treatment means that everyone is happy at the end of treatment.

When finding the correct practitioner, make certain that they provide you with realistic goals based on the treatment plan chosen, your current skin care goals, your budget, and your lifestyle. An ethical, professional facility will not hesitate to provide you with a good understanding of the benefits vs. risks of the procedures. At Celibre, our goal is to set realistic expectations and then try to over deliver on those. In our experience, consumers and patients alike appreciate and respect this approach.

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