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Spider veins are effectively treated using class IV medical lasers by targeting these small facial and leg veins with the heat developed from the laser.

Lasers work because each one has a distinct type of light energy that is attracted to a particular part of the skin tissue. In the case of spider veins, lasers target the hemoglobin within the blood. By heating the blood (the veins absorb thermal energy from the laser), the blood vessel walls seal together and the spider vein collapses. Because spider veins are superficial and not necessary for proper blood flow, the body does not need them. The body then removes the destroyed blood vessel through the lymphatic system (part of the body’s circulatory/drainage system).

Laser treatments for spider veins are spaced six weeks apart for optimal results. Spider veins in all skin types (light, medium, dark) may be safely treated with lasers when the practitioner utilizes the correct technology combined with effective settings.

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