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Bleaching Cream Formula

Most hydroquinone bleaching creams contain three ingredients – hydroquinone, Retin A and steroids. Hydroquinone works to bleach out brown spots or dark marks such as melasma, brown acne scars and brown scars – post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). While this formulation can be very effective for getting rid of these cosmetic concerns, there are potential side effects.

Sensitivity to Retin A

Many patients that use this triple bleaching cream are too sensitive to the retin A in the product. Retin A is designed to exfoliate the skin and it can cause redness, peeling and irritation. Depending on the strength of the retin A, how often it is used and also the patient sensitivity, the irritation it creates may make it too difficult to use.

What Makes Our Bleaching Pads Different?

In this situation, our hydroquinone bleaching gel, which does not contain irritating Retin A, is an excellent option. Additionally, because our liquid gel formulation can be compounded at 4%, 6% or 8%, we are able to help Melasma patients that have not achieved good outcomes with traditional creams to succeed with our program (an example is below).

To learn more about our non-Retin A hydroquinone formulation, call the office today.

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