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Injections for Tired Eyes

A common question among our patients is is how to get rid of the tired apearance under the eyes. Many of these same patients are not ready for a surgical procedure, which is a good option, but more invasive than the injections discussed below.

Tired eyes are caused by hollowing of the tear trough area, lossening of the muscle that surrounds the eye as well as fatty tissue and collagen loss. As we age, the muscle that surrounds the eyes weakens and allows the fat that protects the eye to move around. This can cause a bulge below the eyes or even a hollowing of the area. Regardless of how the under under eye region looks, Restylane is a product we use to smooth and rejuvenate it.

Restylane is the Right Dermal Filler for the Job

Restylane is made of Hyaluronic acid and is a water absorbing gel used to add volume under the eyes where it has been lost because of age. By injecting deep under the muscle that surrounds the eye, Restylane lifts the plane forward so that the deep recess under the eye is no longer present.

How it Works

This technique improves the appearance of dark circles for two reasons. The first is that light from above no longer creates shadows under the eyes. The second is that the small blood vessel and natural color of medium skin tones can be camouflaged by the additional “padding” that the Restylane offers.

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