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Birthmarks come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and may not appear until well after birth. They also come with a variety of names to distinguish which type of birthmark they are – cafe-au-lait, nevus of ota, etc.

los angeles laser birthmark removal with lasers before picturelos angeles laser birthmark removal with lasers after pictureFor those birthmarks that are brown or darker in color (versus red/purple as found in vascular birthmarks), laser birthmark removal is an option. Most practitioners agree that the gold standard medical laser for pigmented birthmark removal is a Q-Switched laser. These lasers offer the best chance for improvement or resolution of the birthmark.

There are several types of birthmarks that may not be appropriate for laser treatments or require an evaluation by a dermatologist prior to seeking treatment. Apart from these situations, lasers offer a good option for the treatment of pigmented birthmarks.

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