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Although it is not known what exactly causes or contributes to the skin condition Rosacea, one issue that can be agreed on is that there is no cure. The condition is considered chronic and presents with periods of remission and flares. Besides being proactive in treatments – preventative measures and avoidance of triggers goes a long way in controlling this skin disorder.

Many of our Rosacea patients come to us after they have tried numerous medications that can be effective but are usually meant to be used long-term and can lead to skin irritation and dryness. The most effective of these topical products are prescription strength. At Celibre, we treat Rosacea not with medications, but with pulsed dye lasers and/or Aminolevulinic Acid and Photodynamic Therapy. Both methods have a proven track record for efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction.

Rosacea laser Los Angeles treatments by Celibre Medical.

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los angeles rosacea laser treatment before and after photos los angeles rosacea laser treatment before and after photos

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In addition to laser treatments or photo-dynamic therapy, we recommend diligent sun protection and avoiding specific triggers will help control the symptoms of Rosacea such as flushing and textural skin changes. Some of the common Rosacea triggers are eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol or coffee and exposure to heat. This indicates that there are certain activities or situations wherein the capillaries in the face are dilated, leading to increase blood flow to the area and a Rosacea flare.

Although there is no cure for Rosacea, there are many effective treatment plans that can be tailored to a patient’s condition, goals, and lifestyle.


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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