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At Celibre, we think results trump marketing. We believe in long term patient relationships, not short term hits. For this reason, we are averse to recommending (or purchasing) radio frequency devices that are marketed to “tighten” and “lift” the skin. Examples of these devices include Ulthera, Titan and Thermage. Show us tissue tightening before and after pictures and we will point out two common concerns. The photos almost never show patients past the six month mark and the photos are almost always with the patient’s head tilting down in the before photo and titling up in the after photo (for neck tightening).

The problem for us is that these devices never live up to the expectations created when using the words “tighten ” and “lift”. As an alternative, we recommend considering surgery or even long term injections like Radiesse or Sculptra.

If Thermage was such a great product (like Radiesse), then why did it completely disappear from the landscape of cosmetic treatments. The Lumenis Lightsheer laser for hair removal has been around for 15 years and patients still request it because it delivers PERMANENT results. And that’s where radio frequency has it’s problems. It delivers limited, short term results at a high price point. We don’t think there is value in the service (compared to a facelift) and so we do not buy or use the equipment and we do not recommend it. Ulthera is just the latest craze, but it’s sure to be replaced by another in the none to distant future :(. That new one will certainly show up on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, KCAL 9 and everywhere else that wants to do a little sensational marketing. The problem is that’s all it will be….marketing.

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