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After Effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When receiving laser hair removal treatments, many patients want to know if the tiny red bumps that occur afterward are normal. The answer is yes and they are called follicular edema. Follicular edema is a fancy word for the redness, irritation and small bumps that occur around the hair follicle in response to the heat of the treatment. This redness and irritation usually subsides quite quickly after treatment, but can sometimes last up to a day or so.

What causes The Red Bumps After Laser Hair Removal?

The hair in the follicle gets very hot during a laser hair removal treatment. This is normal and the resulting redness and swelling around the hair are indications that you have had a good treatment. The bumps and redness usually resolve within a matter or hours but can last into the next day in some cases. Here is an example of what a good reaction to laser hair removal looks like. If your skin looks like this after treatment, your outcome is normal.

What Can Go Wrong After Laser Hair Removal?

Side Effects from laser hair removal include color changes in the skin, blisters or burns. If the laser being used is not appropriate for your skin type or if the energy used for treatment is too great, then side effects can occur. In mild cases, you may have prolonged redness or a brown discoloration depending on your skin type. If the side effect is more serious, you can have blisters and if the side effects are more pronounced you can have second degree burns. Although these side effects are rare, the chances of occurrence can be reduced by choosing a medical practice that is experienced in treating your skin type and uses a laser technology that is appropriate.

How Long in Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

The time between laser hair removal treatments varies depending on the area to be treated. Different areas of the body have different hair growth cycles. The hair growth cycle is the amount of time it takes for a hair to grow, die, fall out and then start the regrowth process. In some areas, this can be up to or even more than several months. Because the hair removal growth cycle varies, we will often use a blended average and ask that patients come back in 6-8 weeks after their last treatment. We would rather extend the length of time between treatments so that hair that has not entered the growth phase has a chance to. If you shorten the time between treatments, this would normally result in a lower % of permanent hair removal and more treatments.

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