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Because scars can originate from an injury, surgery, or any insult to the skin and tissue, it is difficult to answer the question of “how many laser treatments” easily.

Some scars are pigment only (colored) in nature whereas others may have changes to the smoothness of the area as depicted in hypertrophic scars (raised) or depressed scars (sunken in). Because of the variability in the types of scars, treatments typically involve more than one type of laser.

Long Beach laser scar removal before and after picturesLong Beach laser scar removal before and after picturesFor the purpose of answering the question, most patients should see value in their laser treatment plan after undergoing three laser scar removal treatments spaced approximately four weeks apart. Both patient and practitioner will have a much better prediction for total number of scar removal laser treatments required for optimal results after three treatments. Some scars will be gone at this point and some will look the same as they did at the start so it is difficult to say exactly how many scar laser treatments will be required before getting into the laser scar removal treatment program.

Long Beach scar removal laser treatments by Celibre Medical,

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Scar removal treatments by Celibre Medical, Long Beach, California. Long Beach laser scar removal treatments before and after pictures,


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C
Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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