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Birthmarks or “nevis” come in comes in many shapes, sizes, and textures. There are several types of birthmarks (nevis) that are able to be treated with class IV medical lasers. However, outcomes are unpredictable and when birthmark removal is successful can require quite a few laser treatments.

One common type of pigmented birthmark is called a “speckled nevi.” This type of birthmark is usually round or oval in appearance, brown color, and has small spots or areas of darker pigment (speckles) within the birthmark. Speckled nevis also usually have a sandpaper-like texture.

Using Q-Switched lasers, we are usually able to obtain improvement of the color and texture of the birthmark. Because all birthmarks are quite challenging to treat with lasers, the goal of any laser birthmark removal treatment plan should be improvement rather than complete resolution.

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