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e get contacted fairly regularly in regard to the removal of syringoma. Syringoma are troubling, persistent, fleshy bumps that occur most often below the eye. The condition is very common in Asian patients.

Many of these patients ask about CO2 (or other forms) of ablative laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing is certainly an option for syringoma, but to use an old adage, we feel that is’t analogous to pounding a nail with a sledgehammer. Although we offer laser resurfacing, it’s difficult to resurface just the bumps themselves and it’s a lot more time consuming and costly than a good old fashioned hyfrecator.

Hyfrecation is the process of using heated probe to cauterize the syringoma and an example of a recent case of before and after pictures for a Los Angeles patient is below. To learn more, contact the office today.

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