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The Blu-U (blue light) is a light source for acne treatments that is referred to as LED technology or Light Emitting Diode. It is not a laser but is still considered a medical device. LED’s may come in yellow, red, and blue lights. With LED technology, we are able to harness specific colors of light or wavelengths from the visible light spectrum (in this case blue) to elicit certain reactions within our bodies. Light energy (including the blue light technology) has many healing properties. Current research is exploring many new and exciting uses with different wavelengths (colors) of light for the treatment of many different skin conditions. For example, yellow LED light is known to have calming, anti-inflammatory properties whereas red light is used for anti-aging effects as it encourages the body to produce healthy new skin cells.

blue light treatment for acne before pictureblue light treatment for acne after pictureThe Blu-U LED (blue light source) may be the most widely used LED in dermatology. The wavelength of light (blue) is used to destroy acne bacteria which is responsible in the infectious and inflammatory response of acne. Because it is not a laser, the Blu-U is safe and effective for all skin types. Some practitioners use the Blu-U alone in the treatment of acne combined with medications and products. At Celibre, we combine the best of both technologies – class IV medical lasers and LED’s for optimal results.

At Celibre, we are passionate about finding the best treatments that are safe and effective for our acne patients. As technology moves forward, we will strive to stay on the forefront of best practices.

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