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We are often asked by patients and potential patients about the Coolbeam laser (also called the Cool Laser) and how it compares to the lasers we use at our office.

We have asked the office that uses the Coolbeam laser what kind of technology it is and they let us know it is a fractionated Erbium laser. Fractionated erbium laser technology is similar regardless of the brand of the laser. The Sciton profile fractionated laser that we use at Celibre Medical uses the same type of laser light and fractionated pattern that is used in the Coolbeam laser. The office that uses the Coolbeam laser uses it for rejuvenation, stretch mark removal, scars and other services. While it is certainly a useful laser for these applications, the Coolbeam is not fundamentally different from the Sciton Profractional or other fractionated erbium lasers.

For an example of fractionated erbium treatments with the Sciton profile for acne scar patients in Los Angeles, view the photos below.

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