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Laser birthmark removal prices vary based on the size of birthmark, the number of treatments, and the laser used. Based on these factors, the cost can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

There are two types of birthmarks – brown and red.  Within the brown category, there are birthmarks that are very easy to remove, such as café-au-lait, and birthmarks that are virtually impossible to remove without surgery, such as a hairy nevi.  For this reason, there are several lasers used to treat brown birthmarks and the number of treatments and the time associated with each treatment can be highly variable.  Q-switched lasers are faster and easier to use than fractional lasers and generally prices will generally be lower with q-switched lasers than fractional.  Generally brown birthmark removal varies from about $275 – $550 per treatment for average sizes.

A third type of laser – pulsed dye – is used for red birthmarks and the size of the port wine stain as well as the number of treatments required will determine the price.  Generally these birthmarks range in price from $275 – $550 per treatment for average sizes.

When choosing a birthmark removal practitioner, it would be wise to consider the type of technology being used and how much experience the practice has in removing birthmarks to ensure that you have the right outcome.

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