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When considering laser birthmark removal, It’s importantto approach the treatments with the right set of expectations. Not all birthmarkscan be treated with lasers and the birthmark removal we perform is typically limitedto those birthmarks that are flat. If your birthmark is raised or has hair on it,you may have to look at getting the birthmark excised (surgically removed) ratherthen removed with a laser.

In addition to being limited in the type of birthmarks we can treat with lasers,it is also important to understand that laser birthmark removal may work very wellfor one person and poorly for another. There is much variability in the physicalmakeup of a birthmark and two birthmarks that may look very similar may react verydifferently to laser treatments. Some birthmarks may be completely removed and someonly partially. Some may take only 2-3 treatments, while some may take, 4, 6 ormore laser treatments to respond. This means that when you come to a consultationthere may be some uncertainty about how your birthmark will respond.

Celibre is unique when it comes to laser birthmark removal ( cafe-au-lait or and/ornevus) because we possess two separate kinds of q-switched lasers for the removalof birthmarks. Q-switched lasers are high powered lasers that fire laser light energyinto the skin in short bursts measured in billionths of a second. By using theseshort high powered bursts of energy associated with q-switched lasers, we are ableto break down the pigment associated with the birthmarks. The body can then removethe excess pigment, returning the skin to it’s normal tone. During the laser treatment,the light energy of the lasers passes through the upper layers of the skin and isabsorbed by the darker pigment of the birthmark. You will feel a hot tingling sensationas the laser energy is absorbed by the birthmark. The laser treatments normallylast between fifteen and 30 minutes. Although there may be some discomfort duringtreatment, there is no down time after the procedures. You will be able to returndirectly to work, home or school.

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When you come to Celibre for your free consultation, our courteous and medical professionalswill review your situation and make recommendations about how to treat your birthmark. Come join thousandsof other Celibre Medical Los Angeles and Orange County Laser birthmark removal patients and get started on yourlaser birthmark removal treatments today.

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