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Botox Myths

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There are various Botox myths that have been raised by patients who have come in for consultations at our office. Below we attempt to set the record straight on a number of Botox myths and misconceptions.

Botox Myth #1: “Botox will paralyze my face”

The truth is that Botox relaxes your muscles. Botox is a muscle relaxant and there is a distinction to be made between “paralyzing” and “relaxing” the facial muscles. Botox injections effectively block the connections between nerve endings in a muscle, preventing it from contracting and producing wrinkles. The idea that Botox will cause facial paralysis is one of the most common Botox myths.

Botox Myth #2: “Botox is just like Botulism”

There are a total of 7 various types of Clostridium Botulinum bacteria that are used in the production of Botox. The stringently purified Botulinum Toxin (type A) is a protein complex that comprises the injectible substance that is derived from the bacteria. As such, it does not comprise the bacteria itself. To put this Botox myth into further perspective, more patients have had complications with Aspirin than with Botox injections.

Botox MythsBotox Myth #3: “Botox prevents wrinkles”

Botox does not in fact prevent wrinkles and the assertion that it does constitutes one of the most popular Botox myths. Botox injections work by preventing muscles from contracting and creasing the skin, thereby preventing skin from wrinkling (by forming folds). Botox cannot prevent wrinkles, but it can hide them very well.

Botox Myth #4: “Botox is extremely painful”

While this is a Botox myth, the injections may in fact cause some mild discomfort. However, the needles used to inject Botox are barely larger than acupuncture needles and most patients do not require any form of pain relief during the administration of the injections. Although there may be mild discomfort, ice packs and topical anesthetics effectively minimize any negative sensations.

Botox Myth #5: “Botox Injections will make my eyelids droop”

While it is true that drooping eyelids can be an undesirable side effect of Botox, this is only the case when the injections are administered incorrectly. An experienced professional in the administration of Botox injections can easily avoid this side effect.


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