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Get Rid of Age Spots

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Get Rid of Age Spots

Get rid of age spots with the gold standard for permanent removal – q-switched laser treatments.  To get rid of age spots, Celibre uses the most advanced FDA-approved laser technology and an experienced staff of medical professionals.  Call now to find out how you can quickly and easily reverse years of prolonged sun exposure with q-switched laser treatments.

Our age spots treatment program can permanently get rid of age spots safely and effectively.  Unlike IPL treatments, q-switched lasers are powerful enough to easily remove tattoos and birthmarks, which is why these treatments are a permanent solution to age spots.

We have a variety of FDA approved lasers to treat all skin types using q-switched lasers specifically designed to get rid of age spots. Thanks to these highly effective lasers, we are able to achieve a very high rate of patient satisfaction

To get rid of age spots, (or sun spots as they are commonly referred to) contact Celibre today to schedule a free consultation.


Before and After Pictures

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