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Get Rid of Pubic Hair

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Get rid of pubic hair safely, effectively, and most importantly permanently with the use of our modern, FDA approved laser technology and experienced staff.

Excessive pubic hair can cause great discomfort, both physically and cosmetically. It could prevent you from feeling at ease in a bikini or in an intimate situation, leading to increased anxiety.

Many women turn to us to help them get rid of pubic hair and regain their personal comfort. Because skin around the pubic region is very delicate, shaving can often cause razor burns and ingrown hairs, producing significant discomfort and adding to the cosmetic problem. Therefore, lasers are an excellent way to get rid of pubic hair with limited potential side effects.

Using lasers to get rid of pubic hair can produce some discomfort, so a topical anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area before treatment to numb the skin and minimize the sensation produced by the laser. The treatment duration is measured in minutes and the results are observable after the first treatment.

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