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Get Rid of Rosacea

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Celibre Medical Corporation uses the gold standard in laser technology and highly experienced staff to help our patients get rid of Rosacea. Lasers are able to reduce the redness by closing the small blood vessels responsible for the condition.  Results can be seen in as few as one treatment, but in most cases a series of treatments is required to help get rid of Rosacea.

To get rid of Rosacea, several treatments lasting between 15 minutes to 1 hour are required.  These laser treatments produce a “snapping” sensation on the outer layer of skin. There is also a sensation of heat, produced by the laser energy closing the small blood vessels.

Although many patients achieve success in the program, it is difficult to completely get rid of Rosacea.  The program is designed to control rather than get rid of Rosacea completely.  For more information on how we use lasers to help get rid of Rosacea, read about our treatment program.


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Get Rid of Rosacea


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