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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal involves the use of advanced laser equipment to restore the skin to its original appearance by slowly removing the tattoo ink from the skin. Laser tattoo removal works when light from the laser is absorbed by the tattoo, breaking the pigment apart. The degraded tattoo ink is then carried by the body’s lymphatic system.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 individuals has a tattoo. A significant number of those that have one express regret and seek out a laser tattoo removal practitioner. Common questions when exploring laser tattoo removal include the price of the treatment, the number of treatments, and the sensation produced by it.

The first two questions have varying answers. The shape and color of the tattoo, the size and location and the type and depth of ink all create variables which can affect the price of laser tattoo removal.

Multi-colored tattoos are more difficult to remove. Blue and black inks are the easiest and when many colors are used, the process involves more treatments which can lead to a higher overall cost.

The size of a tattoo definitely affects the price. The larger the tattoo, the more time each treatment takes and thus the higher price. In addition, depending on the shape of the tattoo and the location on the body, it may take longer to treat than another that has a simpler shape and easier location to reach. These factors can also affect the amount of time associated with a treatment and thus the price.

Generally amateur tattoos are easier to remove (and cheaper) than professional ones. But the type of ink and depth the ink was placed will a big affect on the number of treatments. Homemade tattoos, those created under restrictive conditions (such as in backyards or jails), and those created by amateur artists tend to use less expensive inks and equipment and therefore are easier to remove. This usually makes them less expensive to remove as well.

Laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable. The feeling is often described as being similar to hundreds of sharp needle pricks on the skin. The sensation is produced by the rapidly pulsating light, which emits heat energy that is absorbed by the ink in the tattoo. The ink is consequently broken up and the body naturally carries away the particles, continually diminishing the appearance of the tattoo over a period of months to years.

It should be noted that virtually all tattoos can be completely removed with laser treatments, so for anyone feeling distressed or regretful over an undesirable piece of body art, there is hope. Contact Celibre Medical Corporation today if you are considering laser tattoo removal.


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