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At Celibre, we understand that Melasma can be an extremely frustrating condition. That’s why when we talk to patients about our treatment programs, we are careful to set the expectation that Melasma is a condition that is managed rather than cured.

If you have Melasma (also called the “pregnancy mask”) there are good treatment options, but understanding that Melasma is a condition that needs to be diligently managed is important to your success.

Melasma can best be described as “patches” of dark brown pigment (sometimes refered to as brown spots) or blotches and results from a higher than normal accumulation of melanin (the pigment in our skin). These dark patches occur most commonly on the forehead, cheeks and neck. Although Melasma does not pose a serious health risk, it is worsened by exposure to the sun, heat and humidity.

Causes of Melasma

Melasma is a stubborn skin condition that can affect anyone. Melasma is seen most commonly in pregnant women, or women using oral contraceptives (thus the name “pregnancy mask”), and especially those with darker skin types. It’s shown to be related to endocrine dysfunction, certain medications, certain nutritional deficiencies, and hepatic (liver) dysfunction.

The infrequency of Melasma in postmenopausal women on estrogen replacement suggests that estrogen alone is not the cause.

Sun exposure appears to be a stimulating factor in predisposed individuals. It is not proven to be hereditary.


The simplest way to protect against the further development of Melasma is to discontinue the use of oral contraceptives and stay out of the sun. If you must be exposed to the sun, make sure to use sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 15. Use only sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays.

Melasma Before and After Pictures

Melasma before   Melasma after treatment

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