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Our Unique Patient Stories

Every patient that visits Celibre has a unique story to tell. Although many come to look refreshed and younger, others have an emotional skin condition that compels them to consider cosmetic treatments. We’d like to share two of our patient’s stories with you. Meet “Sylvia” and “Jeff”.

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She Wore Dress!

“Sylvia” is a young patient that came to us with concerns over numerous, dark brown scars over her entire lower legs. When she was younger, Sylvia lived in an area that had many mosquitoes. Over the years, these relentless insects left her with many hyper-pigmented (dark brown) scars. Although these were easily covered by wearing pants, this was not an option any longer as she prepared to be part her friend’s wedding. Knowing that the special occasion was nearing, Sylvia began laser treatments to gently and progressively fade the scars. On her last visit, Sylvia shared with us, “I finally wore a dress for the first time in years!”

Scars Before PictureScars After Picture

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Good results shouldn’t cost a small fortune.

“Jeff” came to us with concerns over several sun spots that had developed to his bottom lip. Although not very noticeable to others, he was self-conscious of these brown spots. Jeff first went to a consultation at another facility and, incredibly, was quoted $10,000 to remove these spots. There was no information given, options discussed, nor any sense of concern or consideration regarding how important this issue was to him. Fortunately, he had the good sense to believe there had to be a better way. That’s when Jeff found Celibre. After 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart and with no downtime – the brown spots were completely resolved. More importantly, these outcomes were reached with only a few hundred dollars invested.

lip spots Before Picturelip spots After Picture

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At Celibre, we focus on patient education. We want our patients to understand and participate in the decisions that make up their care plan. To this end, our knowledgeable medical staff are here to help you weigh the benefits and risks of our Laser treatments.

Our team would be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to address your skin care goals. A good starting place is to gather information and view before and after photos of Celibre patients¬† in our photo gallery. Don’t miss page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. of the gallery either.

At Celibre, we stay at the forefront of research and best practices so that we may offer the most appropriate and effective injections and laser treatment plans for our valued patients. Please give us a call to learn more about laser treatments and injections.

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