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Restylane Injections Prices Costs

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Restylane prices vary as much as any other cosmetic procedure.  Depending on how much demand there is for an injector’s services, one practice may be able to charge twice as much as another for Restylane injections.

Restylane is sold in 1 CC syringes and consumer’s commonly asks how much the price for 1 syringe is.  In Los Angeles, we have seen prices for one syringe (1 CC) of
Restylane as low as $350.00 and as high as $700.00.  The average cost of Restylane is about $500 for 1 CC.

Restylane is distributed exclusively through Galderma, a pharmaceutical company.  Even though it is illegal to purchase the product outside the US, some practices will do this to lower the price.  Ultimately, if a US medical practice does purchase Restylane outside the US, the prices may be lower, but the consumer takes a risk.  Medical malpractice insurance companies will not cover adverse events that happen when illegally purchased drugs have been used.

The cost of a cosmetic procedure is a very important factor for most consumers.  But consider also that the injection of Restylane is a service as much as a product and the skill associated with the provision of that service affects the price.

Visit our restylane injections before and after picture gallery and see the results that were achieved for other patients.

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