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Tattoo Removal Costs

People often wonder about the cost of laser tattoo removal. The treatment varies for each individual based on a number of variables: size of the treatment area, amount of treatment time that is involved, which lasers are required (different skin types/tattoo types require specific lasers), and the color of the ink that makes up the tattoo.

Many patients that call for laser tattoo removal only want to know what the price of one treatment is. Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as that. Depending on the type of laser used and the experience of the practitioner, what might take 6 treatments and result in 95% clearance of the tattoo at one office, might take 12 treatments with only 50% clearance at another office. This is because the type of laser used is important and the physician’s or nurse’s experience in treating tattoos is also important.

When using the proper laser and with the proper experience, the medical professional is able to maximize the energy used to (safely) remove the tattoo in the least amount of treatments. In addition, if the laser is under-powered (outdated technologically or not appropriate for the color or patient’s skin type) the number of treatments required will increase and the effectiveness of the treatments will decrease.

The prices of laser tattoo removal vary a great deal, especially in Los Angeles, a city that is colored by vivid body art. Some practitioners charge $50 per square inch, a practice that may not be in the patient’s best interest, with the occasional exception of individuals with very small tattoos that require removal. However, for individuals with extensive tattoos, this quickly becomes a very costly proposition.

Most frequently, tattoo removal treatment is priced according to the amount of time that is required for the session, usually within the range of $200 – $300 for each 15 minutes of treatment.

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