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Tattoos Removing Expectations

The unfortunate truth about tattoo removal is that it is a difficult process that does cause discomfort. The sensation that is caused by the tattoo removal laser has been compared to feeling similar to having the tattoo placed the first time around (but quicker than that). This sensation is the result of the impact of the laser’s energy on the skin.

Tattoo color is a major factor in tattoo removal. Black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, and is therefore the easiest to remove. However, colored tattoos, (i.e. green) are more difficult to remove (at Celibre, we have a variety of FDA approved lasers all designated for different types of tattoos as well as skin types).

In preparing for a laser tattoo removal procedure, it is recommended that non-aspirin products are used for minor aches before the procedure, due to the fact that aspirin and other non-steroidal products used to combat inflammation (i.e. Ibuprofen) can result in more noticeable bruising after the treatment.

The application of a topical anesthetic a few hours prior to the treatment session may also constitute a part of the preparatory regiment to numb the area of the skin where the tattoo resides. This practice varies among patients, with some choosing to disregard this practice, and needing no anesthetic prior to laser therapy.

Once treatment begins, the laser breaks up the pigment, which is in turn removed by the body’s scavenger cells over the course of subsequent weeks.

A typical treatment usually takes only a few minutes, however, multiple treatments are generally required to complete the tattoo removal. The number of total sessions needed depends on the type of ink used, depth of the tattoo, size, color, and the individual’s ability to heal. Six to eight week intervals are required between laser therapy sessions to permit the body to absorb the pigment residue.

Once a treatment is completed, the doctor applies antibacterial ointment to the treated area and dresses it to ensure that it is kept clean. Continual application of the antibacterial ointment is also directed for proper healing. Showering is allowed, but the affected area should not be scrubbed! The patient may experience a sunburn-like sensation for a few days following the procedure, and the area of the skin can appear red and have minor scabbing or blistering in some cases. These after effects will subside over a week or 2 following treatment.

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