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Vascular Birthmarks Treatment

Vascular Birthmarks Laser Removal | Before and After Pictures

Port wine stains are a difficult condition to treat, but by using the correct laser (pulsed dye) the birthmarks can be completely, or almost completely, removed. At Celibre. we use Cynosure pulsed dye laser technology because it has the highest attraction to hemogblobin, which is a large component of the port wine birthmark.

Because pulsed dye lasers are attracted to hemoglobin in the blood, they heat up this component of the skin’s tissue while leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. By using pulsed dye laser technology to selectively target the small blood vessels that make up the port wine birthmark, we can safely and effectively close off these small blood vessels and remove the port wine stain birthmark.

During the treatment program, you may feel a hot, tingling or snapping sensation, and treatments normally last between fifteen minutes and one hour. Normally a “bruising dose” is a requirement for port wine stain birthmark treatments. This means that the laser energy used is such that it bruises the tissue on the birthmark, making it look darker for a short period of time after the treatments. Bruising doses are used because they are normally necessary to achieve clearance of the birthmark.

At Celibre, we focus much of our time on patient education. We attempt to compile (on our website) a relatively complete description of the treatments we provide so that you may be an informed patient when it comes to your laser treatment options. In addition, we do offer a free consultation so that we may answer any additional questions you have about the treatments and so that we can evaluate you in person to develop your treatment program.

Vascular Birthmarks Laser Treatment

Vascular Birthmark Removal Before and After Pictures

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