5 E’s – Simply Effective

Celibre’s 5 E’s:    Effectiveness  |  Experience  |  Empathy  |  Equitable Value  |  Environment

5E-EffectiveBecause we are more interested in building your trust and maintaining a long-term relationship with you than jumping on the latest bandwagon, we will only offer treatments and services that we know are safe and effective.  We understand that this may impact us financially; many patients see or hear about the “latest and greatest” thing and want it done yesterday.  We know we may miss out on bringing these patients into our practice, but our focus is on quality over quantity.

If we don’t believe that a treatment or service that we offer can deliver at least an 80% patient satisfaction rate, then we won’t do it.  Period.  We believe this approach allows us to maintain a standard of integrity that in and of itself has value.  And our job is to provide you with the best value you can find on the market.

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