5 E’s – Experience

Celibre’s 5 E’s:    Effectiveness  |  Experience  |  Empathy  |  Equitable Value  |  Environment

5E-experienceExperience matters. Celibre Medical Corporation has provided tens of thousands of laser and injection treatments since we first opened our doors in 2004. During that time, we’ve deepened and honed our expertise treating women and men of all skin colors and at all stages of life. While anyone can read a manual and take a training course, real life, hands-on experience can teach and prepare in ways that standard methods never could. Understanding treatment nuances, recognizing and avoiding pitfalls and adjusting regimens according to a patient’s individual needs are all things that only real world experience can impart. We believe this is what allows us to deliver results that are a step above the competition.

We also believe that it is our ethical duty to say “No” when a patient wants or asks for a treatment that isn’t in their best interest or wouldn’t be beneficial. Our integrity and your safety, satisfaction and wellbeing are more important to us than a bottom line. We become your advocate when you become our patient.  We treat you like we’d treat our friends or family.

Our team is led by the some of the most qualified and experienced professionals around. Our founder, Dr. Kaplan, has a career as a practicing facial plastic surgeon with expertise in laser medicine that spans four decades. Kevin DiCerbo serves as our Director and has worked along side Dr. Kaplan since 2003 building and perfecting Celibre’s practice model. Lastly, Lori Haney, RN, is our Nurse Educator who has been performing both laser and cosmetic injection treatments since 2005.

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