Tired of Shaving Bumps in your Bikini Area?

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If you’re tired of being on the endless “merry-go-round” of grooming unwanted hair in your bikini area, then it is time to consider laser hair removal. Do you find yourself shaving daily (or every other day) wishing and hoping for smooth, hair-free skin only to end up with razor burn and shaving bumps in place of your unwanted hair? Maybe you’ve tried waxing, haven’t found it looks much better after (and hurts a lot more!)?

Laser hair removal is the answer! Here’s why we get shaving bumps and ingrown hairs with these other methods. First, the hair in the bikini are is coarse and curly. The follicles are actually slanted in the skin, which causes the hair to curl as it grows out. These thick, curly, freshly shaved hairs (or newly growing ones) immediately grow into the surrounding skin at this angle. So, no matter what you do to get rid of the hair, if there’s new hair growing in, you’re likely to get the bumps.

How does the laser help? It uses heat to permanently remove the hair. If there’s no hair, then there are no bumps. And remember, it’s permanent hair removal! So, while you do need a series of treatments performed every six to eight weeks, when you’re done—you’re done with bikini hair for good!

Here at Celibre Medical, laser hair removal in the bikini area is one of the most common procedures we perform. We have a device that works on every skin type (color), so we make sure that your treatments not only give you great results, but are safe for you too. Imagine having smooth, clear skin and not having to mess with razors or waxing ever again! If you think the price tag is too high, consider what you’re really getting in return. Our patients love their results and tell us that it’s worth every penny.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures

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