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Although skin type (how much pigment there is in the skin) is extremely important when determining if and which laser treatment would be appropriate for a patient, there are many lasers and laser treatments that are safe and effective treatments for darker skin types.

Generally, lasers that utilize a longer wavelength fit best with darker skin types. At Celibre, because we pride ourselves on being able to treat many skin types for many different conditions we have several lasers that treat dark skin for acne, stretch marks, hair removal, tattoos, spider veins, etc. These lasers are several of over 20 lasers we use at our facilities.

acne scars dark skin laser treatments before and after photosacne scars dark skin laser treatments before and after photosWe encourage all of our patients to understand that it is equally important to use the right laser technology and to find the most experienced practitioners for those lasers. Choosing the correct laser is half the issue, whereas using it correctly is the other half. Find a practitioner that is competent and knowledgeable in choosing the appropriate settings for your laser treatments. Do your research, talk to others that have had procedures and go to more than one consultation.

If you have darker skin and are considering laser treatments, be certain to ask which technology the practitioner uses and what their personal experience is with your skin type and condition. Once you get those answers, do a little independent research of your own on the web to make sure that the lasers being used for your condition are commonly used with your skin type.

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