What is Botox Masseter and How Can It Reshape My Face?

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Do you have a “square” jawline? Everyone does (to some extent), but is yours equal in width or even wider than your upper face? If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed and you probably don’t like it. The aesthetically ideal feminine face is the exact opposite! It’s heart-shaped: full at the top and tapered at the bottom. So what causes the opposite to happen?

Dysport Masseter Before PhotoDysport Masseter After Photo
* Masseter Before and After Photo

There is genetics involved that affect both the bony jaw structures and the facial muscles, but some people actually cause their jawlines to increase in width over time by repetitive jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Chances are if you need to wear a bite guard at night, then you’re one of these people.

The muscles at the angle of the jaw are the masseter muscles. You have one on each side. Go ahead and clench your teeth. Now place your fingertips on the back part of your cheek, just in front of and below your ear. That firm bulge you feel on each side is your masseter. It’s one of a few, powerful chewing muscles. If yours is really large, there is actually something that can help reshape that muscle and change the overall shape of your face: Botox!

Botox is a drug that when injected into specific muscles causes them to relax or become inactive. Now, if your think you won’t be able to talk or chew after this treatment, think again. You won’t notice any difference at all in these things. But you will see this part of your face become less square and more tapered.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, it takes a series of 2-3 treatments done over a 6-12 month period. Think of it as lifting weights. Right now, your masseters are getting a good workout every day. Botox makes them take a break. No workouts mean smaller muscles. Smaller masseters mean a softer jawline…and you may also find that any headaches and tension that you’ve experienced from clenching or grinding goes away too! Give us a call today to see if this amazing treatment is right for you. The consultation is completely free and we would love to tell you more about how we can reshape your face using Botox.

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