Do you have brown spots you’d like to get rid of? A birthmark? Brown acne scars? Tattoo? Melasma? If so, join thousands of patients that have turned to Celibre Medical Corporation for the answers to these skin conditions.

At Celibre Medical Corporation, we use several powerful FDA-approved lasers to target the pigment associated with age spots, tattoos, birthmarks and brown acne scars. When laser energy is absorbed in the pigmented lesion, it breaks up the melanin (or ink in the case of tattoos) that causes the discoloration and allows it to be carried away by the blood. It’s a simple and effective way to remove troublesome skin pigmentation. Call Celibre Medical Corporation now to learn more.

The conditions we treat include:

Sun Spots


Acne Scars and other Pigmented Lesions

Neck and Chest Pigmentation (Poikiloderma)

Facial Blotching (Melasma)

Tattoo Removal

Pigmented Birthmarks (Cafe-au-lait, etc.)

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