Cost of Botox

If you’re looking for a Botox injector, we want to remind you that what you spend for your Botox goes way beyond just buying the product itself. The “cost” of Botox also includes the knowledge, skill, experience, and technique of the injector which is critically important to having Botox that makes you look great versus “bad Botox”.

This patient graciously allowed us to use her story and photos to illustrate this often overlooked, but crucial point:

botox before picture Botox after picture
* Botox Before and After Photos

She is a 60-year-old woman who went to her first Botox appointment with the complaint of “lines between her eyes”. Often referred to as “the elevens”, these often appear with age from repeated contraction of the muscles between the eyebrows that pull them down and in, creasing the skin in a “permanent frown”. The price was right for the patient so she consented to treatment, but her injector didn’t give her the whole story, or use the correct dosage or technique to tackle her problem.

As you can see, her lines were present at rest. We call these “static” lines; they are there whether the muscles are contracting or not, and Botox alone cannot fix them. Because it relaxes muscles, Botox works best on “dynamic” lines or lines created with muscle contraction. Static lines require Botox (to prevent them from getting worse), but they also need filler to plump the skin and help them blend in and disappear.

Next, notice how her Botox injection lowered her right eyebrow and eyelid, leaving her lopsided. This can happen if it isn’t injected correctly and/or in the right place based on someone’s unique anatomy. We also noted that the dose she received wasn’t right for the inner part of her brows as she still had movement which deepened the lines that she wanted to be removed.

All in all, she may have paid less at this office for her Botox, but she didn’t get a bargain. Her elevens were still there, and to make matters worse, she had uneven brows. She was unhappy and disappointed, to say the least! Thankfully, she found her way to our office and we were able to help her. By injecting additional Botox into her inner brow area and treating her static lines with a small amount of Restylane, we were able to give her the look she originally desired.

Sometimes the saying “you get what you pay for” is very true. Celibre Medical often is not the least expensive of your choices when it comes to pricing your cosmetic injections. But we don’t apologize for that, because you get exceptional value with us. Our injectors are top-notch; the expertise and education they provide are included in the cost of your injections. And that is a very valuable commodity in our business.

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