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Botox prices vary widely among practitioners. We have seen prices range from $8 per unit to over $20 per Botox unit. We believe the average in the LA area is around $12 – $13 per unit.

It is not uncommon to see advertisements for Botox injections for as little as eight dollars per unit combined with stipulations that require you to bring a friend, a minimum purchase of a specific amount of Botox, or to come in on one particular day between certain hours. On the other end of the spectrum, we are aware of a Beverly Hills practice that charges $21 per unit of Botox.

los angeles botox priceslos angeles botox pricesWe often hear patients describe an experience where they received little or no benefit after being treated at a facility that advertised low cost Botox. The experiences they relate include short term results (less than 3-4 months), side effects (eye droop), or just a hurried feeling when moved through the appointment such that they did not understand what the Botox injection was supposed to achieve.

Botox before and after pictures

Ultimately, we have found that our patients value their Botox injection experience at Celibre for a few reasons and these are issues to consider (besides Botox prices) when you are choosing a Botox practitioner.

  • What is the Botox dilution protocol?
  • Is the Botox dilution in line with manufacturer recommendations?
  • Are you paying for a unit of mixed solution or an actual unit of the Botox product?
  • Is the treatment by area or by unit of Botox?
  • Is the technique appropriate and the Botox dosing adequate and safe?
  • Were you involved in the Botox treatment plan and was education provided as to the expected outcome?
  • What training does the Botox injector have?
  • When was the last time the Botox physician or nurse attended an industry workshop to keep up with the latest techniques?
  • How many Botox injections has the practitioner performed int he last month? Year?

When choosing a practitioner, consider the above factors when evaluating the cost and value of your treatments. A little bit of homework, combined with knowing the right questions to ask, will help make your Botox experience a good one.


Lori Haney, RN, MEP-C

Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer

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