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Cosmetic Facial Injections

Laser Dermatology Services

At Celibre Medical Corporation, we provide a broad array of cosmetic dermatology services including facial injections and comprehensive laser dermatology. With offices in Torrance, CA and Orange, CA, our cosmetic injection product specialties include Botox, Dysport, Restylane (including Lyft and Silk), Juvederm, Radiesse and Sculptra. We are also one of the leading laser dermatology practices in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and our laser services include laser hair removal, laser resurfacing for removing wrinkles, acne scars, including other traumatic scars, stretch marks, age spots, spider veins, tattoos, birthmarks and other cosmetic skin conditions. We use 20+ state-of-the-art lasers to deliver outstanding results safely for your individual skin type and condition. Since 2004 we have been a California nursing board certified laser training facility.


We don’t offer a service unless we believe that we’ll be able to achieve an 80% patient satisfaction rate. Rather than offer the “latest and greatest” treatments, we wait to hear consumer and practitioner feedback (usually about 1 year a

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We have an experienced team and we use that experience to achieve superior results while protecting our patients. When you’ve performed tens of thousands of laser and injection treatments you learn a lot about treating different skin types, ag

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Our organization is different than many other elective dermatology practices when it comes to patient interaction. Why our patients are considering a particular procedure is important to us. It helps us understand patients on a deeper level, and

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Equitable Value

At Celibre, we don’t cut corners. This means that everything we do is motivated toward patients have the best outcome in the safest environment, with the most highly trained staff. We have passed a laser audit with the Laser Institute of Ameri

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We have taken great pains to create an environment that is warm, calming and comfortable. We are just as much “medical” as we are “spa” so we want you to get the best possible medical result in the most comfortable environment possible.

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Our Staff

Harold Kaplan M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Harold Kaplan is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has 30 years of experience with facial plastic surgery and cosmetic lasers. Dr. Kaplan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, and the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University. He has been licensed as a physician in the state of California since 1972. In addition to Celibre Medical Corporation, Dr. Kaplan also maintains a private practice where he focuses on facial plastic surgery. Previously, he was a clinical associate professor of Surgery at UCLA where he taught facial plastic surgery to resident physicians. He has served as the director of Facial Plastic Surgery at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital. Among his many affiliations, Dr. Kaplan previously served as the Chairman of the Board for the South Bay Independent Physicians, a 550-member physician’s organization, and served as president of the Los Angeles County Medical Association (LACMA), Southwest District. Dr. Kaplan has published 15 professional journal articles and has contributed to various medical books. He has also presented research and taught courses to his medical peers at 18 national surgical meetings.

Lori Haney

Lori Haney, RN serves as Nurse Educator for Celibre Medical Corporation. In this role, she serves as a source of information for the nursing staff, patients, outside medical professionals as well as consumers. She has received training and certification as a Medical Esthetic Practitioner as well as a Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer. More recently, she is one of only a small group of registered nurses that have received diplomat status through The American Board for Lasers in Surgery. Lori is also an expert witness for the California Board of Registered Nurses in the field of class IV medical lasers. Lori represents less than one hundred nurses in the country that have earned certification as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist through the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses. Background for Lori includes nine years of nursing in the neurosurgery/neurology department at Harbor UCLA. When transitioning out of the hospital setting, she discovered her interest in working with medical lasers. She now is driven to stay at the forefront of research to offer best practices and outcomes for our patients. “Working in the aesthetic practice has offered me an opportunity to combine my passion for the technology with patient education. Although technology is ever-evolving, people’s concern for their appearance remains constant.”

Patricia Rosero Avila

Patricia Rosero Avila attended California State University of Long Beach, graduating Cum Laude as a RN-BSN. After focusing on wound care in the hospital, Patricia moved to laser dermatology in 2007 and has focused all of her professional efforts in our industry since then. Patricia also graduated as an Esthetician from Cerritos College, receiving the Academic Excellence Award. Patricia believes in the benefits that laser and injection treatments offer to create and prolong healthy skin. Being the skin the largest organ and the protective barrier, we have to take care of it.

Tamara Burris

Tamara Burris is the Patient Services Coordinator for our Torrance facility. She has been with Celibre Medical Corporation since 2008 and serves as the gatekeeper, controlling the patient flow and appointment scheduling. She is vital in assisting the nursing and administrative staff, although her primary focus is on making patients feel welcome and comfortable at Celibre Medical Corporation. Tamara has over fifteen years experience in customer service with over nine years in the medical field. It is extremely rewarding to be part of an organization that betters peoples lives on a daily basis. I feel honored to be a member of the Celibre Medical Corporation team.

Kevin DiCerbo

Kevin DiCerbo is the Director of Celibre Medical Corporation. He has been working side by side with Dr. Kaplan since 2004 and has managed the organization since its inception. He is a certified medical laser safety office (CMLSO) and uses his knowledge of laser physics to help patients understand the treatments we offer. He also oversees the day to day administrative activities at the two offices. He has a BS in Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from UCLA.

maheshni karunasena

Maheshni Karunasena PA, is a national board certified (1994) Physician Assistant with 22 years of experience. She graduated from the USC Keck School of Medicine Physician Assistant program and has a BA from the University of California Irvine.

rocio lopez

Rocio is the newest member of our team and serves as Patient Coordinator in both offices. Rocio has been a licensed esthetician for the last five years and has pursued her passion for “anything skin.” She says, “I enjoy helping others realize their individual beauty regardless of their present concerns with their appearance.” Rocio enjoys coordinating patient visits to help them achieve their treatment goals in addition to assisting the nursing staff in the treatment room. “I respect the honesty Celibre gives patients. Helping patients find their confidence is rewarding, and I like being a part of a team that helps individuals find that.”

We offer a wide range of top of the line skin care products as well!