Radiesse Before and After Pictures

Radiesse Before and After

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See the before and after photos below to get an idea of how Radiesse can help you look your best. Radiesse is a unique product in today’s aesthetic market. It is the only dermal filler that uses calcium microspheres as the active ingredient. For this reason, it is characterized not only as a dermal filler but also biostimulator. Some of the most common uses for Radiesse can be seen in the before and after pictures below.


Radiesse is used on the following areas of the face in our practice:

  • The nasolabial folds to smooth around the nose and mouth
  • At and around the apex of the cheekbones to replace missing volume
  • To smooth out the appearance of jowls in the jawline
  • To provide volume for a hollow appearance in the temples
  • To provide forward projection in those with a sunken chin

Our before and after photos of Radiesse injections above include many of the areas noted.

As a biostimulator, Radiesse is unique when compared to hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. When injected, the microscopic calcium forms a type of lattice-like structure that the body can build collagen around. So, unlike Hyaluronic acid-based products, which just fill, and Sculptra, which just generates collagen, Radiesse does a bit of both.

In addition, Radiesse is typically one of the longer-lasting fillers and has a duration of approximately 9-12 months. If you are looking for strong cheeks, look no further than our Radiesse before and after photos for a solution.

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