Wart Removal Overview

Laser Wart Removal

Warts aren’t just for witches and ogres! In fact, this common skin problem has been around forever, and yet today, we still struggle to get rid of them!  Warts are due to a viral skin infection that can occur anywhere on the body but typically occurs on the hands and feet. They are ugly, they spread and can be tough to treat even with physician-grade treatments such as freezing.  Never mind trying over-the-counter solutions and pads; there are lots of these things available, but it is rare that they ever work.

Celibre Medical Corporation uses a pulsed dye laser to treat tough warts. This laser damages the tiny blood vessels in the skin, feeding the infection. If there is no blood flow, the virus can’t survive. And the wart will gradually will fade away! It sounds simple and effective because it is.

If you are struggling with warts, please give us a call. We would love to tell you how we’ve helped our patients get rid of their unwanted warts with laser treatment and how we help you get rid of yours too.

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