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Melasma Before and After

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Like you, we wish that melasma had a treatment to help take care of it permanently. Because melasma is a hormonal condition and because it comes from changes not on the outside of the skin, but inside the body, it has no known cure. Like other chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, with Melasma, the goal is control rather than eradication


Many patients find our site after searching for laser treatments and melasma. And believe us, we’ve tried. But there are some very important factors that have prevented us from offering laser treatments for melasma.

First and foremost, lasers can sometimes make melasma worse. As if having melasma is not bad enough, the last thing we want to do is make it worse with a laser treatment. But this is exactly what can happen especially with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices. Second, lasers can be much more expensive than hydroquinone bleaching products and they do not do a better job of controlling the condition. Finally, lasers are a service, and they can be time consuming. Our bleaching product can be used at home where you are not spending time going to and from appointments. It can also be ordered online.

We know, you’ve heard it before and tried hydroquinone. But not so fast. Have you tried hydroquinone at 8% and in a liquid format. Hydroquinone that has been activated the day you bought it so that it’s at its peak strength. For most of our patients, the answer to these questions is no, no and no. And for that reason, they often get very good results with our product, even when they have failed hydroquinone programs in the past.

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