Latisse Eyelashes Before and After Pictures

Latisse Eyelashes Before and After

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Are you spending too much on fake lashes each month? Do those fake ones tear off your real lashes and leave them even thinner than when you started? If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider Latisse to grow your own lashes longer, thicker and darker.


Latisse is a liquid medication that is spread in a thin layer at the top lash. It works be extending the growth cycle of the hair, thereby resulting in more hairs in the growth cycle, longer hair and thicker hair. The results for Latisse appear slowly with maximum benefit occurring around 12-16 weeks at the lashes achieve their peak growth.

Many of our patients have found that when they are using Latisse they do not need mascara or use very little. In addition, our patients typically save $50 – $100 per month when they use Latisse as compared to getting fake eyelashes every 2-4 weeks

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