Latisse Eyelashes Cost

Latisse Eyelashes Cost

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What you pay for your Latisse will depend on a few different things. If you get it with a prescription from a physician’s office and have a medical exam prior to starting it, then it may cost more. We have seen anything from $100 to $200 per vial of medication in the Los Angeles and Torrance area, depending on the size purchased.


Remember, it is a prescription product that has the potential to cause side effects. It should be dispensed by a trusted medical practice, and by law, you should have a medical exam by either a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant prior to starting any prescription medication.

Also consider if all of your questions have been answered about starting, using and continuing Latisse. It’s not like a product that you can start and stop anytime you want to. And it also isn’t one that you’ll see a miracle effect from overnight. It takes time for it to work. If the person discussing Latisse with you (or if you never have a discussion in the first place) and you don’t understand how the product works, then you may not think it’s working for you and stop before you should.

Lastly, while almost everyone can safely use Latisse, there are some patients who really shouldn’t be using it at all. Only a licensed medical practitioner can discuss your health history with you and help you make the decision if Latisse is a safe option for you.

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