Mole Removal Before And After Photos

Mole Removal Before And After

Some of our patients consider their moles beauty marks, whereas others are self-conscious about them. Regardless of how you feel, if you decide to remove them, in most cases we can help. Moles are genetic. Although some do develop later in life, they are not related to sun exposure.


The challenge with moles is that there are many different types.  While some are surface-oriented and easy to remove with no aftereffects, deeper moles that are excised (surgically removed) or cauterized can leave behind some form of scarring.  in general, if the mole extends into the skin, removing it will leave behind some form of scarring (as seen in the photo above).

Even with the possibility of a residual scar after removal, many patients still want to remove their moles.  They would rather have a small scar than the very visible mole they currently have.  In that case, we evaluate your moles for the tools we have available at Celibre and let you know if we can help.  Call us today to find out more about mole removal.

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