Spider Vein Removal Before and After Pictures

Spider Vein Removal Before and After

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Spider vein removal is one of the most satisfying treatments we offer. Visible veins at the legs, cheeks, and nose can be embarrassing and frustrating. Fortunately, at Celibre, we have great options for removal including sclerotherapy injections and laser treatments.


A few things to know about spider veins:

  • They are hereditary. Nothing you are eating or doing is causing them, although Rosacea and the associated small veins can get worse if not avoid the flushing triggers.
  • Veins in the cheeks and nose occur most often as part of the aging process, whereas veins in the legs can occur when you are very young.
  • Bulging veins at the legs are caused by valves in the vessels that are not working well enough to push blood back to the heat.
  • For leg veins, losing weight and exercising can often improve them.
  • Veins at the legs can be treated with sclerotherapy injections – a solution that causes them to close and laser treatments. Generally larger veins are injected and smaller ones are lasered.
  • Smaller pink or purple blood vessels (less than 1 mm) are often successfully treated with lasers, whereas larger, blue veins in the legs (1-2 mm) need to be treated with sclerotherapy injections.
  • Bulging varicose veins need to be treated with surgical options and not lasers or injections.
  • Veins are a CHRONIC condition, meaning there is no cure. Even when we are successful in getting rid of them, we set the expectation that they will need to be treated again in the future. These are maintenance treatments, not cures.


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