Botox Before and After Pictures of Actual Patients

Botox Before and After Pictures of Actual Patients

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Botox is the most commonly administered cosmetic treatment in the world. Celibre Medical has performed thousands of Botox procedures at our Torrance, CA and Orange, CA clinics. View some of our Botox before and after pictures of actual patients to view the results.  Click on a photo to enlarge:

Brow Lift Botox Before and After Pictures Sm 1 Torrance CABotox Before and After Forehead Pictures Sm 2 Orange CABotox Before and After Brow Lift Pictures Sm 3Botox Before and After Pebble Chin Pictures Sm 4Botox Before and After Masseter Pictures Sm 5Botox Before and After Frown Lines Pictures Sm 6Frown Lines Botox Before and After Pictures Sm 7Botox Before and After Eye Wrinkles Pictures Sm 8Botox Before and After Pictures Forehead Sm 9Botox Forehead Before and After Sm 10Glabella Before and After Botox Sm 11

* 1. Botox before and after brow lift

* 2. Before and after pictures of forehead

* 3. Brow lift before and after Botox

* 4. Before & after Botox results for pebble chin

* 5. Masseter before and after Botox

* 6. Frown lines before and after Botox

* 7. Deep frown lines before after Botox and Restylane

* 8. Eye wrinkles

* 9. Forehead lines

* 10. Forehead before and after Botox

* 11. Botox and Juvederm for deep frown lines

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