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Botox Before and After

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Celibre Medical has performed thousands of Botox procedures at our Torrance, CA clinics. Botox is the most commonly administered cosmetic treatment in the world. Botox Before and after pictures are very important in your decision-making process when it comes to choosing a new injector. View some of our Botox before and after pictures of actual patients to view the results.


While board certification, years in practice, location and online reputation are all important, finding a practice that has its own patient’s photos published on the Botox before and after the page is a good indicator of that practice’s ability to meet your Botox goals.

We have spoken with many patients like you about their Botox experience at other medical spas.  When they are disappointed with their prior outcome, we often ask how they chose the practice.  If they chose the provider based on their online reputation, we ask if they evaluated any Botox injection before and after photos before visiting the practice.  We also ask if the injections before after pictures appeared to be the practice’s own patients or if they were produced by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox.  Most times, our patients will say that they never saw any Botox before and after photos from the previous practice or if they did that the photos did not appear to be from the practice, but rather from the manufacturer.

At Celibre Medical, we take before and after photos for every single patient, we have in the practice.  We find that documenting your baseline condition helps both us and you when it comes to validating the results after your Botox treatment.  If a patient has a concern, we pull up their pre-treatment Botox before and after pictures so that we can objectively evaluate their results.  This often helps solve some common concerns.  Most patients have some asymmetry before their Botox treatment.  Because we schedule a 2-week checkup for all new Botox patients, we have the opportunity to discuss their results in detail while evaluating their before and after photos.

Often patients will point out a slight asymmetry in their current result that was already present in the pre-treatment photos.  This is very common as once patients achieve the desired goal (say the removal of the frown lines) their focus often switches to another area such as asymmetry.  Without having the Botox injection before and after photos taken, we would not be able to easily address patient concerns like the example above.

Botox Before and After Photos

There are many areas of the face where Botox can be used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  At Celibre, we post Botox injection before and after pictures that highlight improvement that can be attained when using Botox for all of these areas.  The most common area for Botox before pictures to be taken is the glabella.  The glabella is the area between the eyes where we find the frown lines.  Also called the “11” lines, these are the lines that run vertically up and down and are present when we are scowling or looking angry.  A second, very common area where Botox photos are taken is the outside of the eyes.

The lines here are commonly referred to as crow’s feet lines or smile lines.  These fan-like lines are present when we are smiling for the camera and are called “crow’s feet” lines because they fan out from the corner of the eye like the toes of a bird.

A third common is for taking photos of Botox injection before and after is the forehead.  This is the area above the brows where the wrinkle lines run horizontally from one side of the forehead to the other.  These lines are most prominent when patients are looking surprised. When it comes to choosing a Botox injector, evaluating Botox before and after pictures is a very important determinant in finding a good one.  Look for photos that are the practice’s own patients and also look for photos including before and after areas between the eyes, above the brows, and on the sides of the eyes. Finding good online Botox injection before and after photos will help you find a great Botox injector.

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