Botox Injection Costs

Botox Injection Costs

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You may have noticed that there is quite a wide price range for Botox in the Los Angeles and Torrance areas. This is because some practices will charge a “per unit” price while others may base the fee on a “per area” price. Examples of “areas” would include between the eyes or the crow’s feet, etc.


The price of one unit of Botox in Los Angeles ranges from $8 to $20, with the average range being $11-$14, and the price per area typically ranges between $200-$300. So, why is there such a wide price range?

This is because when you pay for Botox, you are not only paying for the product itself, but also the expertise and skill of the injector providing your treatment. Remember, Botox is a highly individualized treatment that truly is an art. The training and knowledge level of your injector is very valuable! Our injectors strive to give you the very best results and want you to be beyond satisfied with your Botox. At Celibre Medical, you can rest assured that you are entrusting your care to the most advanced and experienced injectors who not only want you to look your best, but want you to love your results too. It’s hard to place a value on that!

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