Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

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Laser hair removal had its beginnings in the 1990s. In those days, laser hair removal was only for light-skinned patients as the technology and protocols for treating darker skin types had not evolved. Flash forward to today and we can easily and safely treat all skin types including African Americans for unwanted hair. Our laser hair removal before and after photos below show all skin types.


The most common question callers to our practice ask is “how much does laser hair removal cost?” The challenge with asking only this question about the process fails to address the much larger question of what the expected outcome is. Although price is important, it doesn’t matter how cheap your laser hair removal is. If it fails to result in permanent hair removal it won’t be worth it. So, how much hair will be permanently removed at Celibre? In our practice, we expect that our patients will achieve between 75% – 95% permanent hair removal after 6-8 visits for light-skinned patients or 8-10 visits for dark-skinned patients. One of the keys to successful laser hair removal is whether or not the hair is dark and coarse. Grey hair, blond hair, and very fine hair (like peach fuzz) are not removable with laser hair removal.

A few things (besides price) to consider when choosing a laser hair removal practice:

  • How many years has the practice been performing laser hair removal (Celibre since 2004)
  • How many years has your particular nurse or physician been performing laser hair removal (Celibre averages 10 years of practitioner experience)
  • What laser technology is being used. Nd: Yg (Yag), Diode and Alexandrite are all common but are not appropriate for all skin types. IPL will generally not lead to permanent hair removal.
  • Painless permanent hair removal is a farce. If the practice says it will be painless, run as you will not achieve a high % of permanent hair removal.
  • If they recommend continuous “touch-up” treatments, you might just be at a facility that is not going to produce great results the first time around.
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