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Dysport Before and After

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Our Dysport before and after photos include many patient concerns that are not associated with the FDA approval.  The FDA-approved indication for Botox and Dysport is for the vertical lines between the eyes, also known as the 11 lines or frown lines.  Although this is the most common area.


These concerns include using Dysport for:

  • Relaxing the horizontal forehead lines above the brows
  • Softening the crow’s feet lines at the sides of the eyes
  • Creating a “Botox” or “chemical” browlift at the outer portion of each eyebrow
  • Softening the jelly roll bump directly underneath the lower lashes
  • Relaxing and shrinking the masseter (jaw) muscle responsible for teeth grinding
  • Pulling up the corners of the mouth
  • Softening smoker’s lines at the upper lip
  • Softening dimpling at the chin – the “pebble chin”

When reviewing Dysport before and after photos on our site or anywhere else, it’s important to consider several key issues.  The first is whether or not the photos shown on the website are the actual patients of the practice.  If a practice uses only manufacturer-provided photos for their Dysport before and after page, you may want to consider whether or not they can actually provide the outcome you are looking for.

Another key issue when evaluating before and after photos is the angle and lighting.  When we take us before and after pictures, we try very hard to get the same angle and the same lighting in both so that it is easy to see the changes that have taken place.

The bottom line is that taking and producing Dysport before and after photos is not an easy task, but we’ve got some great ones.

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